Teen Makes Unexpected Confession Under Anesthesia

What does Nicole’s father do about this confession?

This makes the teen bemoan not being there since he can just imagine the attractive swimsuit that his girlfriend is wearing. He can just picture all the guys on the beach stopping to check out Nicole.

Source: Pexels

Nicole’s father shows some good-natured teasing and comfort when he comments how Nicole would never give any of the Mexican guys any attention since she’s so in love with her boyfriend Jayden. Jayden is more than happy to agree and even says:

“I’m the only Mexican she will ever love.”

Comments agree that Jayden’s chances are…

Since science shows that anesthesia can’t force secrets, then we can believe that this confession is sincere and true. The dentist’s chuckling and encouragement through the video suggests that Jayden is already accepted in Nicole’s household. But what do you think?

You can see the video for yourself, just below.

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