Steve Jobs’ 19-Year-Old Daughter Is All Grown Up And Living A Wild Life

The tech world took a huge hit in 2011 when Apple’s enigmatic founder and CEO died following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Whilst Jobs’ 56 years of life are best defined by his success with Apple, it is easy to overlook that he was also a father to four.

Of course, the only child that Jobs is notable for is the one he conceived in his childhood home as a teenager with Steve Wozniak: Apple.

Apple would become Job’s main focus for the rest of his life, so much so that when he conceived a real child with his high school girlfriend, Chrisann Brennan, at 23-years-old he refused to acknowledge the baby as his.

Despite a paternity test proving conclusively that he was Lisa’s father, Jobs would go on to deny it for several more years whilst bizarrely paying Chrisann child support – Jobs became a millionaire the same year Lisa was born and a multi-millionaire a year later.
Jobs relationship with Lisa has been a prominent focus for many of his critics and supporters over the years. In fact, his refusal to accept Lisa as his daughter was the main premise of the 2015 film, Steve Jobs, in which Michael Fassbender plays the eccentric entrepreneur as he begins to finally acknowledge the nine-year-old.

Whilst Jobs’s relationship with Lisa is well-known, and his turbulent time as head of Apple are well-documented, very few people know that he had a further three children.

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