Dating: Expectations vs Reality!

As teenagers, we’re all living in the bubble that dating is all love and galore. Your mum was probably the one dropping you off to dates and you had no idea what you were really in for. By your 20s, you think that this is it! This is when all your relationships will be sorted out. If anything, it would at least be fun with the new found freedom! Hate to break it to you. But it’s nothing like that!

Real life isn’t a romantic comedy!

You might think that the first time you’ll meet will feel like a scene from a rom-com. Reality is that you’ll probably meet via a dating app. Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding a date through Tinder or any other app. We often tend to picture it go down a lot more differently. You expect that you’ll meet them at a bar or a party, across a crowded room with fate bringing the two of you together. Sorry, but life isn’t a rom-com. You’re probably going to have to stick to finding a semi-decent guy through a dating app.

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