Best Software For Animation and 3D Modeling

As a beginner, what is the best software for animation? What tools do Cocomelon utilize? What tools does Pixar utilize? What tools does Malibu Animation utilize?

My favorite three tools that animate pictures are Macromedia Flash, After Effects CS5 and Google SketchUp. After Effects CS5 is my favorite because of all of its features and plug-ins. CS5 has a whole slew of motion-tracking options, including face tracking, body tracking, hair-spraying, lip syncing, specular highlights, and deformable faces. If you need an easy way to create a cartoon facial expression, try using Google SketchUp. I use this program often with my clay modeling projects.

Animation beginners usually gravitate to Adobe After Effects to learn 3D animation. After Effects offers motion tracking, clay mapping, and skeletal animation. This may seem boring to some animation beginners but you can turn these tools into the best software for animation for beginners. The best software for animation for beginners is probably Photoshop.

If you’re an aspiring computer modeler then you may want to start modeling in blender. Blender is probably one of my favorite modeling programs. I have used a lot of different brands but blender has consistently been able to produce some of the smoothest results. There are other programs that claim to do the same thing as blender such as Cycles, Paint Shop Pro, and Quicsoft Wave maker but I haven’t had any success with them. If you are an animation beginner then I suggest checking out the blender.

For motion graphics, my favorite is Macromedia Flash. If you are an animation newcomer then I recommend looking into Macromedia Flash as there are tutorials and screen captures included that will show you how to quickly create some stunning effects. If you are an artist or a photographer then you may want to check out the maya, the free version of the same software as blender but Maya is cheaper and a lot less limited. As for those just starting out with maya, it’s best to stick with the low cost versions as it still has many of the same features as higher end versions.

If you are looking into motion capture, then the best software for animation and motion capture for your animations would be Nuxe. Nuxe is an application that has a webcam that allows users to record their actual facial expressions. When you record a facial expression, it can be used as a mask. The webcam can capture up to 16 cameras around you. Nuxe then processes the data and creates a mask of your real-time facial expressions.

For kids and adults alike, cartoons are one of the most popular mediums to use as both a hobby and a way to teach and entertain. Learning how to animate characters using the best software for animation and/or motion capture is very important to learning these skills. However, as a hobby, it can also become quite expensive. Luckily, there are many alternatives to paying exorbitant amounts of money to get started with.

For under two hundred dollars (not including shipping), you can download some good animation software that will help you create your own cartoons and learn to animate those same cartoons. One of the best programs for animation and 3D modeling is the cartoon maker by sonic producer. This program comes with over eighty different cartoon templates, sixty-three sound effects, five different skins, and hundreds of custom graphics that can be used to customize your cartoons. As you can see, there is no reason why you cannot start creating some of your own cartoons with the best software for animation and/or 3D modeling!

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