90s Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Smokin’ Hot Today

Child actresses of the 90’s. Yes, they were adorable. You watched them in movies and in sitcoms. You might remember them from some of your favorite shows, such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or The Nanny. Or perhaps from movies like Casper. The 90’s were a pivotal decade for many things, but especially when it came to child stars. There were so many movies, sitcoms, and children who acted in them that it’s impossible to remember them all. You see, the number of people who grew up watching cable rose dramatically over the 90’s and it reached a peak in the early 2000’s, which then began to decline as the ever so popular Internet began to take over. In effect, it led to an even wider array of child stars, but what happened to that steady surge of child stars from the 90’s? A few of them have moved on to lead ordinary lives, although the majority are mostly still acting. In fact, they are doing it right before your very eyes. You’ve seen them in more mature roles. Kind of like when you first saw Black Snake Moan, and were all like…”Whoa! Wasn’t that the little girl from The Addams Family?” However, you couldn’t place her as Christina Ricci at first because she was all grown up and super hot. Maybe not in that movie exactly but, well…do you get what I’m saying? She’s only one out of many. Here you’ll see 90’s child stars that you might have forgotten all about. Plus, we’re here to fill you in on what they’ve been up to for the last couple decades. Here are 15 90s Child Stars Who Grew Up to Be Smokin’ Hot Today.

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