75 texts from an ex that had to be screenshotted and shared with the world

31. Can we move on?

Nope! And here’s a definition of nope from the dictionary, just in case you forgot what it means!

32. I ragret it!

If you can’t even bother to spell “regret” the right, then you probably don’t really regret it. At least it’s easy for her to erase mistakes like you from her life.

33. I apologize for ghosting

Awww, all that time spent in crafting the perfect apology letter was wasted. This ex has already forgotten about you!

34. Fridge poems that don’t suck

You are the son of a crusty fetus maggott. That sounds like the end of a formerly bad relationship.

35. I heard my phone go off

She heard her phone go off and went back to sleep. Good thing, ’cause it really wasn’t all that important!

36. Apparently!

Yep, number deleted! Ex deleted! There’s no more history to link the two of you together.

37. Throwin’ Satan some shade

Yep. Your name is still Satan. And Satan is still not getting any love.

38. All shook up

All shook up over the breakup? And who’s fault is that again?

39. Just wants his hoodie back

What’s a hoodie among exes who hate each other worth? A year of their life back!

40. Log out of Netflix

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. They love Netflix ore than you

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