75 texts from an ex that had to be screenshotted and shared with the world

21. Thanks for reminding me!

That’s pretty funny. Don’t you ever get one of those texts that remind you to do something important?

22. Ewww, what a worm

A short and stumpy one, too! Good riddance because those are just key random thoughts no one needs in their day.

23. Nope, nein, nyet!

Good call. Keep saying nope to that stupid ex who keeps calling every couple of minutes! @Ravenclaw:
“Remind me of the Dua lipa song..” New Rules ..” One dont pick up the phone you only know he’s calling cause he’s drunk and alone”

24. Well that escalated quickly

It’s so nice when your cousins ask about your ex. Too bad this guy had to be so mean about it!

25. No thanks, loser

“Good” is a relative term. It’s not very good when the other person is so disgusting

26. Must have been a really nice shower

LOL! Yep, just got out of the shower 10 months later!

27. Sucks to be you

Your booty call privileges have been revoked! Like the saying goes, if ya don’t use it, ya lose it!

28. You’re so beautiful!

But dayum, that ring is way more beautiful! She’s obviously doing fine and does not need to do anything with you.

29. Yeah, that’s annoying

People always look better after you break up with them. Be glad she tolerated you enough to respond with just 1% charge left on her phone!

30. Your choice in men is faulty

Yeah, she knows her choice in men is faulty. Look in the mirror and take a good look at who she went out with!

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