50 weird glitches in the matrix making people do a double-take

Save Trends being what they are, it’s not uncommon to cross paths with someone may be dressed in a very similar style. In a large group of people, chances are very high you see people dressed in the exact same piece of clothing, maybe even in the same color. And in some circumstances, everyone dressed the same isn’t uncommon at all. Think school or work uniforms. However, things get a bit bizarre when everyone is dressed the same and they have similar identifying features. Let’s take a look at some of these occasions.

1. Blue light special?

Save Was there a market in one hair color? What are the chances of seeing so many women together who have the exact same shade of hair? Not to mention some of them wearing the same color jacket?

2. Photoshop?

Save\ I really want to call Photoshop on this one but I don’t think so. Look past the obvious and look at individual features. Especially between the first and last guy. I’d say weird but true.

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