50 times ‘girl power’ won

There is too much cruelty in this world. Hearing about all the hate that gets spewed out daily can be exhausting. That is why it is always great to hear about good stories! One of the best places to escape to is the #girlssupportinggirls hashtag thread on Twitter. It is comforting to read about real life occurrences where instead of being met with cattiness, women have been met with support! We have complied 50 of the best tweets from the #girlssupportinggirls thread, so every woman can scroll through and take a big sigh of relief! Cheers to women supporting women!

1. Our Stop

This girl knew that a stranger was making another girl uncomfortable. Instead of leaving it alone and considering it some one else’s problem, she stepped in! Way to look out for another girl!

2. Checking In

This best friend wanted to make sure her friend was having the best date possible. She was not going to wait by her phone for updates, she made sure she could watch her own play by play! Great disguise.

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