50 People Who Did Not Get The Meals They Were Expecting

40. A constructed Ceasar salad?

Ceasar salad is a typical salad with shredded greens and a beautiful mix of dressing and croutons. This restaurant, however, believes that the greens should not be shredded. And now, their customers need to eat their salads by hand instead of a fork.

41. Chicken tacos anyone?

Have you ever tried chicken tacos? Well, you probably tried the version with shredded meat in them, so let me rephrase my question. What I meant was, have you ever tried drumsticks pretending to be chicken tacos ever?

42. This is just sad

Forget about the salads served in weird ways. This one is just something that makes me want to cry out of so much disappointment!

43. A sandwich that is really just bread

Fish sandwich anyone? Actuall, this looks more like a huge bred with a fish nugget inside. Would you still take it

44. What trick are they trying to pull with this one?

This is the kind of salad that looks odd and will make you want to think how in the world you’re going to eat them. I mean, who puts salad in a glass? Some restaurants are just overkill that their ideas end up looking very, very weird!

45. Almost forgot the filling

Here’s a Boston Kreme donut and it looks like the baker almost forgot to add their signature filling! That would be really sad if they did leave the entire donut with no filling at all.

46. Mostly bread

Sandwiches are made of fillings too, not just bread. It’s important to get the ratio right to give it the perfect taste. This one sandwich has more bread than meat and it’s absolutely disappointing to look at.

47. Is this a new food trend?

Someone got served with cinnamon dessert treat with a side of ranch. Is this a new food trend or simply a wrong serving?

48. Where is the frosting?

Here’s another donut and its loss of glaze and frosting just makes me want to shed a tear. How can even do this to students who are trying to get by at school? Now, they even have to worry about their frosting-less donut, too?

49. Failed the wrapping

Someone ordered lettuce-wrapped chicken. They totally failed on the “lettuce-wrapped” part.

50. Ooh, some keys for lunch!

Have you ever tried some keys for lunch? Yes, keys, because somebody accidentally put their keys in someone’s food.

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