50 People Who Did Not Get The Meals They Were Expecting

31. This pie with an extra ingredient

Lunch won’t be complete without some yummy dessert and one of my favorites is a slice of delicious pie. But, a pie with green mold on top? Nuh-uh.

32. Chicken sandwich a la salmonella

Chef Gordon Ramsay would be appalled if he ever sees this huge raw chicken inside this sandwich from hell. Did they really think people won’t notice? Sadly, someone took a bite already and we sure hope he did not get salmonella from that unfortunate bite.

33. Totally unexpected

Some servers are taking instructions quite literally andin order to avoid misunderstandings, it’s always better to explain further. But, guacamole on top of ice in a glass? That’s awfully weird and absolutely unexpected!

34. This cheese sandwich

Cheese sandwich for lunch? Yum! Just make sure it’s not this kind of cheese sandwich.

35. They’re more like quesadilla wraps

Someone ordered quesadilla. However, what they got are wraps, with a very few bits of tomatoes. It hardly has cheese on it!

36. This mildly infuriating lunch someone bought

If you’re not trusting cheese sandwich anymore because of what was shown in the previous slides, you might want to try getting yourself an egg sandwich. Just make sure it’s not the kind of egg sandwich such as this one.

37. This banana and Chocolate chip pancake

Breakfast the American way always involves pancakes, and one of the most popular variation of this famous food is by adding bananas and chocolate chips on it. However, there’s one restaurant who serves banana chocolate chip pancakes this way. I’m not sure what’s inspired this aesthetic but I initially thought I was looking at a huge caterpillar and its poop on top of that mushroom looking pancake.

38. Empty inside

It’s always exciting to bite onto a mozarella stick because of their stickiness and unique flavor. So, can you imagine the disappointment this guy must have felt after biting on this empty stick? What a heartbreak!

39. A “mushroom” pizza

Clearly, a mushroom pizza must have mushrooms as toppings. Or maybe they should have emphasized the plural form of the word and instead of saying mushroom pizza, they could have said “mushrooms” pizza? In any case, mushroom is mushroom and it’s simply mind-boggling how some people can miss these kinds of instructions.

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