50 People Who Did Not Get The Meals They Were Expecting

21. A “cup-full” of candy

This is exactly the reason why some people are having trust issues. Why would anybody even make others believe that the cup is full when it isn’t?

22. Vegans beware

This lady was glad to find a vegan-friendly restaurant and instantly ordered something off the menu for her sister. This is her supposedly amazing meal and we can’t help but cry our eyes out while laughing!

23. The meal we always initially look for

I got to admit, my first response whenever they ask what I want to eat is “I don’t know”, just like this woman. Her boyfriend totally nailed the joke!

24. Maybe they need more description

Someone ordered frites with an anchovy dressing. After a few minutes, this is what they got. I can’t help but think that the server might have needed more explanation and maybe some description, too.

25. This chicken sandwich from outer space

This is not a chicken sandwich. It’s simply chicken on top of a pair of bread. What on Earth are people thinking, really?

26. Bring some peaches home

I bet her mom’s boyfriend wanted to go the extra mile for his love. Therefore, instead of just grabbing a few peaches, he decided “Why not take the whole tree instead?”

27. Expectation versus reality

A pizza burger would be very nice. It’s something unusual and yet, looks totally sumptuous. But then again, people should learn by now that advertisements aren’t always what’s in reality and one great example is this disappointing burger.

28. Sponge Bob might actually get mad at this

It would have been a fun concept if the actual ice cream inside really resembled Sponge Bob. But of course it didn’t and instead of making me smile, this frozen delight even made me sad.

29. She actually thought it was the thumb drive

Picture cakes are much more simpler because the image they’ll see in the cake can be printed in edible paper. The hard part is when the person doing the printing did not really understand what you wanted them to print out. Just like this unlucky Redditor who now have to celebrate her thumb drive instead of the real reason she’s requested the cake for

30. This deceiving food packaging

Who would not be enticed with this kind of food packaging, right? Huge pepperoni and a cheesy dough equals perfect combination! Apparently, the three huge pepperoni shown in the packaging are the only pepperoni on the pizza and now, what used to be impressive has turned out to be annoying.

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