50 People Who Did Not Get The Meals They Were Expecting

11. Lone pepperoni

Imagine being a meat-lover and excitedly waiting for your pepperoni pizza to arrive just to be greeted by this lonesome pepperoni on top of the dough. What a heartbreaking moment that would be.

12. At least, they are neatly placed

The last time I remember, salt and pepper shakers are supposed to contain the actual condiments, not packets of them. Well, at least they are neatly placed on top of the tables right?

12. Too much is never a good thing

They say too much of anything is never a good thing. This might be a meat-lover’s dream come true, but it totally looks uninviting if it’s this much.

14. This is fruit salad

In Marrakesh, someone’s friend ordered a fruit salad. You can never go wrong with a fruit salad, right? It’s just a bunch of fresh fruits tossed together. Sadly, the restaurant they went to did not know that fruits should be peeled and cut first before serving them as a salad.

15. What’s beneath all the frosting?

This guy requested extra frosting on his food. This is what he got and now, we can’t even see what’s underneath all that white goo.

16. Coffee with whipped cream

A guy went to Germany and ordered coffee with whipped cream. He did get what he wanted, but they were separately served instead of together in a cup with the cream on top. That’s a lot of cream though, so I guess he can’t get mad with the server after all.

17. This otherworldly milk shake

Who drinks a milkshake from a plastic tub? Apparently, one restaurant thinks this isnormal because this is how they serve their milkshake.

18. An extra cup for the kid, please!

A mom ordered a coke and asked an extra cup for her kids. All’s good, until she saw that the extra cup was inside the bigger cup of coke. Well, at least the extra cup is kiddie-sized.

19. This cheese burger

Can you really call a burger a “cheeseburger” if it only has a thin strip of cheese in it? I guess not.

20. This weird chicken burger with the mayo on top of the bun

As far as I know, mayo has always been between the burger buns, not on top. This one absolutely beats the norm and we hope it doesn’t hap[pen again.

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