35 People Who Wish They Had Stayed In Bed

21. An expensive haircut

When you’re paying $50 for a haircut, you expect it to look nice and beautiful. This one looks like it got cut by a kid.

22. Warming the bread

The good news? They got the bread all warmed up. The bad news? They won’t have a cutting board to prepare their next meal.

23. The paint on his face

This guy wore a costume and painted his face for a short skit. When he got to work, he made his way to the bathroom and tried removing the paint off. For some reason, it won’t come off. He had to spend his entire day looking like a clown.

24. A sneeze did this.

This person didn’t fall. No one punched him on the face either. He simply sneezed and he sent his glasses flying off of his face.

25. The wrong side

This woman literally spent 2 hours sewing a zipper to make the dress fit her. After all the hard work, she realized that she did it on the wrong side.

26. Craving for potatoes

She was just craving for potatoes. For some reason, the dish cracked while she was cooking.

27. The salt grinder

If your salt grinder is made of plastic, make sure to never put it too close to your poached eggs. If you don’t listen to this advice, you might end up with the same thing.

28. During an exam

If this guy wants to finish the school year alive, he should invest in a stronger chair. He needs one that won’t kill him during an exam.

29. A spilled Lego bin

I hope everyone who lives in this house wear shoes or slippers all the time. Stepping on one of those bricks won’t be fun.

30. The last bowl

It’s hard not to feel sorry for this person. That soup looked delicious. The bowl was quite pretty, too.

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