35 People Who Wish They Had Stayed In Bed

11. The night before Christmas

There was no beef for the entire family that Christmas and they probably won’t be able to forget about it anytime soon. They were probably looking forward to eating it together!

12. The wrong dorm

his mom didn’t just go inside a stranger’s dorm. She actually took a picture of herself on a stranger’s bed. This is one good reason why you should always be clear when telling your mom where you’re staying in college.

13. A warning

This photo made it here not just to tell about a person’s bad day. It’s also a good reminder so you won’t forget to roll up your windows.

14. At the bank

Instead of sitting in awkward silence with her client, this woman decided to start a conversation. Unfortunately, she picked the wrong opening line.

15. Lucky

Technically, it wasn’t a bad day for the woman because she found her card. Plus, she got the spotlight on her for a moment!


He was so happy that he was able to finish earlier than he expected. Unfortunately, because of his excitement, he forgot to plan his exit. He painted every inch of the roof except the part he’s stepping on.

17. Wrong way to start the day

This is one good reason why you should never keep your toothpaste near your diaper rash cream. They look so much alike that you won’t be able to tell them apart when you’re in a hurry.

18. Poor employees

The boss accidentally poured unroasted beans into roasted ones. These employees had to spend the rest of their day manually separating 10,000 beans.

19. Failed order

Thinking that this glass chair would complete her room, this woman bought it without thinking twice or double-checking the details. When it finally arrived, she felt regret almost instantly.

20. A tall rainbow tree

This woman bought a 6-foot rainbow tree and this was what arrived. Instead of feeling disappointed about her purchase, she actually found it funny. She laughed hard after assembling her “tall” tree.

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