19 Confessions From A Dude With A Micropenis

For many men, penis size reigns paramount in self-image and self-esteem. It encapsulates their masculinity and they measure their worth by the measurement of their d*ck. Dudes will feel pride, disappointment, shame, and love for their rods all in the span of fifteen minutes, and it’s no surprise why. Our porn-obsessed society has socially conditioned men to feel less than adequate when it comes to size, and anyone who doesn’t measure up is somehow less than a man. That’s some patriarchal, toxic masculinity bullsh*t right there, but we’ll unpack that another time.

And while it’s safe to say that size isn’t everything, what happens when you’re not packing more than a slight 2.5 inches downstairs? How do you navigate your love life when things are moving towards the bedroom? Do you say f*ck it, and bring it up on the first date? Or do you merely hope and pray that they won’t mind once you drop trou. What are the actual physical logistics that must be addressed when trying for penetration?

For one man, he’s had a slightly perilous journey with his micropenis. From embarrassing and traumatic sexual encounters, to finding a woman who excepts him for all of his micro glory — he divulges how he’s come to terms with his mini me. Good things come in small packages, right? Maybe not for some size queens, but don’t fret gentlemen — your perfect match is out there!

These are 19 shocking revelations and confessions from a man with a micropenis:





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