15 Weirdest Pieces Of Disney Fan Art

Does this fan art get way too dark and disturbing for even our peepers? You bet! Here are 15 pieces of Disney fan art that are truly distressing.

characters are so beloved, cheerful, and adorable that it makes sense for some fan artists to go completely in the opposite direction and imagine them in disturbing ways. Fans do this just for fun, to see how far they can go, but then we gawk at them in disgust and horror, sharing in the twisted mentality. Clearly, we all have a lot of time on our hands.

Take zombies, for example. We all know basically what they look like, but seeing a Disney princesses like Ariel and Cinderella all messed up and zombie-fied is a lot to take in. It leaves you wondering what the hell happened to make them zombies and then envisioning that horror story the Mouse House will never tell.

There are also those fan art pieces that imagine some Disney favorites as a psychopaths. Disconcerting? Yes, but if you start to think of those scenarios, in which the likes of a Goofy or Pinocchio would feel the need to go out and mercilessly kill, you can sometimes see their motivation. See? Way too much effort to think about such things.

Does this fan art get way too dark and disturbing for even our peepers? You bet! So naturally we have to share them with you.

Here are 15 Disturbing Pieces of Disney Fan Art That Went WAY Too Far.


Let’s just start right off with this entirely horrifying picture of a zombie Cinderella. Artist Rob Carlos imagines the young woman returning from the ball, where things apparently went very, very wrong. Honestly, we don’t where to begin with this since it’s all so traumatizing.

If we’re to guess, she was somehow bitten in the cheek at the ball, which must have sucked because she was so looking forward to attending and dancing with Prince Charming. Anyway, Cinderella probably ran — maybe dropped her glass slipper, who knows – and died in the carriage before it turned back into a pumpkin. Thus, she crawls out of it as a zombie, with her footman turning back into horrid little rats.

One part this piece has us puzzled, however. Who’s that guy holding what looks like a tennis racket looking at her from behind the wall? Is that the Prince? What’s he going to do with the racket? Because he sure won’t be able to kill Cindy easily with it. Cue the Fairy Godmother, please.


is weirdly believable as a serial killer – and this Daniel Karlsson painting sort of proves it. In the image, the usually hotheaded Donald seems eerily calm, as he peers at us with extraordinarily sinister eyes. While he seems more demonic than crazy homicidal, the impetus is there.

As we all know, Donald just can’t handle life most days. Everything irks him, and he’s terribly jealous of Mickey Mouse. You figure if the Duck goes off the deep end, Mickey would be on the top of his kill list.

Here’s the kicker to this image, though: Karlsson titled it “The Babysitter.” Wait – if he showed up at the door looking like this, you’d immediately call your local priest. Besides, in what world would you let Donald Duck babysit your children? Bad idea, even on a normal day.


If any Disney character has the right to become a murderous psychopath, however, it’s Pinocchio. That wooden boy has had it rough. First, he was just a puppet and his maker wanted him to be a real boy. A Blue Fairy grants the wish, but tells Pinoccho he has to prove himself worthy to become really real. Thanks, Blue Fairy, thanks a bunch. Then the puppet boy falls prey to child exploitation, almost being turned into a donkey and sold into labor and finally swallowed by a whale.

Worst of all, the wooden kid has to contend with an annoying cricket judging him all the way. It’s no wonder Pinocchio doesn’t snap.

Still, this drawing from artist Sylvain Sarrailh of Pinocchio brandishing a big knife, with crazed eyes and cracks in his wooden face, is a bit terrifying. We know about the already well-traveled footsteps of psychotic dolls like Chucky and Annabelle, but not our dear sweet Pinocchio. Just put the knife down and be a real boy.

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