10 Signs You’re Dating a Woman, Not a Girl

It’s a lot more than just about age that creates the distinction between a girl and a woman. World view, state of mind, mental, as well as, emotional maturity, all play a part in marking that difference. A woman sees the world a lot more differently than a girl. They behave and think poles apart! Girls are commonplace, while women are rare and sought after. So, what is it that sets women apart from girls? Here are a few points that will be totally relatable if you’re dealing with a woman!

⦁ A woman keeps her personal life “hush hush”

Girls often tend to babble about their love life. And they just cannot wait to reveal the latest details about their relationship to everyone. However, a woman keeps her love life under the covers. She only shares info about her personal life with those who are close to her.

⦁ A girl can’t get by without depending on others financially

A woman takes care of all her expenses, gets around her own car and pays for her own roof. She lives life like a grown-up and not a teenager.

Girls are often threatened by other girls

⦁ It’s not about “looks over everything else” for women

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