Have you ever worked so hard in your life that you wanted to let loose and have a bit of dangerous fun? Most of us have and it was no different for this football superstar.

He thrived on competition, the thrill and excitement, that it brings to the table when he knocks someone out to run across the field and get that touchdown.

The thrill has driven him to be the superstar that he is today. Even though he tried to be the best man that he can be, life caught up with him in a dangerous way.

Let’s have a look at the secret double life he lived that nobody knew about. It will shake you to the core when you find out how and for what he got caught.


From The Beginning


Samuel Hurd was born in April 1985, where he was still an innocent little boy and the joy of his mother’s heart. From the start, his parents encouraged and inspired a love for sports in him. He immediately took to it and it became a passion he carried with him in life. When he reached high school, puberty was on his side as he started to shine like a star.

Living The Life In High School


Brackenridge High School in San Antonio, Texas was his playing field where he joined the football team. He outshined everyone by catching 20 touchdowns only in his senior year. This helped him become an all-state wide receiver. But little did everyone know that football wasn’t the only thing that Samuel loved.

The Love He Had For God


Everyone thought football is and would be his only love, but his love for God persisted. He became a Christian as a child as his parents taught him about the faith and what it means to be a Christian. He immediately found his love for it and keeps it up to this day. Ironically, he used tattoos to express his love for scripture. You can see quotes from the Bible all over his body.

Off He Goes To College


Samuel got through high school with his amazing talent and faith by his side. He went straight off to the Northern Illinois University and showed off his skills which got him the position of wide receiver. In the 2004 Silicon Valley Football Classics, he helped the university to victory.

He was doing great so far in his university football career, but would he continue to be their pillar of support when the games get tough? Find out next!

Senior Year Took Him Straight To The Top


In his senior year, he was the second best in the university’s history. He achieved this with 13 touchdowns, 1,074 yards, and 65 receptions. By running 266 yards against Central Michigan University he had the best game ever in the history of his school. When he was about to finish his senior year, he caught the eye of the NFL.

Howdy Cowboy


His career took off when The Dallas Cowboys signed him as a free agent in 2006. He ended his first season with 11 tackles and 75 yards. His family, friends, and teammates were so proud of him for his success, but something was still missing. The time he had with the Cowboys was great, but it didn’t help his guilty conscience.

Charity Is What It’s All About

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Instead of wasting all the money that he received from the Cowboys on material things like so many of his colleagues, he decided to help the community by donating some of the money he made. He started giving large amounts to charity organizations, most of which were charities that helped underprivileged children.

Entering The Bear Trap


Samuel was a free agent which meant he could sign with any other team whenever he wants to. That happened in July 2011 after he had five great years with the Cowboys. He decided to sign a three-year contract with the Chicago Bears and they gave him the warmest of welcomes by assigning him the captain of their special team.

Sam could go from one team to the next because he was so successful. It looked like he had everything he ever wanted until someone realized he’s different…

A Stranger In Their Midst


For many people, it looked like Samuel had it all figured out. He was doing great with his new team, he helped the community and he had his own radio show on The Huddle. But all of that didn’t seem to be enough for Sam. He started acting distant and missing practice, making his family and teammates wonder what was going on. Little did they know, his professional and personal life was hanging by a thread.

Inspector Bear


Sam was a very dependable guy who always went above and beyond to help anybody. He had been spotless in his career with little to no mistakes and always acted kindly towards others. When his teammates saw a change in his behavior they launched their own investigation. They didn’t find anything and decided to move on.

They Came Banging


It was a shock to everyone when he got arrested on December 14, 2011, in Chicago. He never had any criminal record or a run in with the law at any time in his life, but they caught him redhanded. An undercover FBI agent from Chicago caught him with his hand in the cookie jar and there was no going back.

Or was there? Do they have a valid case against him to make the charges stick? What did he even do to attract such attention?

The Charges Were Real


After he was arrested, his personal and professional life quickly began to deteriorate. He was fired from the Bears after he only played with them for six months. They arrested him for purchasing and distributing marijuana and large amounts of cocaine. He was held accountable for the drug charges in the Dallas Division of Northern Texas.

Ice, Ice Detective


The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) investigated the charges against him. After completing their initial investigation, Samuel was sent to trial. He started negotiating his way around them and agreed to pay $450 for each pound of marijuana and $25,000 per kilogram of cocaine. Everyone including him thought this was the first time the feds ever laid eyes on him, but little did he know.

The Chase Was On


The feds realized strange behavior in him back in 2011 when he was still playing for the Cowboys. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a solid lead against him as it was all based on their suspicions. No evidence leads to no case. When he moved to Chicago to play for the Bears they received new connections to build a case against him. It’s safe to say he stepped right into the bear trap.

Profitable Drug Business


Before the feds chased him down and arrested him, he was earning $700,000 a week just by selling drugs. He used his Christian, good boy, sports athlete image to hide his secret life of selling cocaine and marijuana for years. The best of all is that he did it right under the noses of the NFL and the FBI. His family and teammates never even dreamed of thinking that he would own a drug business.

Most people thought he distributed drugs alone, even the feds thought so. But you will see next how they discovered something that changed the game…

Teaming Up In California


A group of drug dealers was arrested in California in August 2011. They managed to connect one of the numbers on a dealers phone to Samuel’s phone. Was he only buying from them to resell or was he working with them? The feds didn’t know at that time and soon after he was caught and arrested.

Not Guilty Plea


Samuel decided on the 24th of January that he would plead not guilty to the drug charges against him. His poor family was flabbergasted and very disappointed in him. He lived his life so ironically, by giving money to charity to help the community, but then also selling drugs to them. They released him on bail, but he didn’t stay on the streets for long.

Failing The Most Important Test


Sometimes the pressure in the real world is much worse than being in jail. This caught up to Samuel when his family and friends were so disappointed that they didn’t want to come near him. He fell back to drugs and failed two tests for marijuana in May and July 2012. The feds picked him up again in August 2012.

He got loose once, will he be able to negotiate his way out this time? Let’s see on the next slide if they will be sending him to prison for good this time.

Lesson Learned


After he got away the first time he had the chance to pick up his life again and go back to normal, but the persuasion of the drugs was too strong. Samuel pleaded guilty on April 10, 2013, to the selling of drugs. The judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

Too Risky Too Handle


Since he was prisoned in 2013, Samuel never explained why he would risk his brilliant NFL career for drugs. No reason was given to his poor parents and teammates as to why he was running drugs. Maybe one day they will find out why. He will be in prison until 2028 all because he couldn’t stay away from the thrill.