Frustrated by his daily commute, Tesla and Space-X CEO Elon Musk once vowed that he would dig a tunnel beneath Los Angeles and bypass the bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Now, Musk is just months away from offering commuters the first maiden voyage of his subterranean shuttle system, writes the Los Angeles Times.

On May 10, Musk went on Instagram to announce, “First Boring Company tunnel under LA almost done. Pending final regulatory approvals, we will be offering free rides to the public in a few months.”

NBC News

Accompanying the post was video of how the tunnel system would load cars and even bicyclists into the system.

As usual, money talks. Musk was able to usher his project through the L.A. City Council in record breaking time and even secured environmental exemptions that cleared the work for constructing the 2.7-mile-long tunnel located 30 to 70 feet below ground.

The Times writes, “The tunnel’s proposed route runs parallel to Sepulveda Boulevard, starting at Pico Boulevard and running down to Washington Boulevard in Culver City. The tunnel entrance would be located in what is currently a lumber yard and welding area, the company has said.”

LA Times

The tunnel would have no stations between its ends, which sped up construction and lessened the environmental impacts of the project.

According to a promotional video released last year, cars would drive onto a platform near a street curb. The platform would then drop down into the tube and then shuttles the car through the tunnel. The video also shows that pedestrians and cyclists can use the system as well,

LA Times

The Boring Co. has posted maps online showing potential tunnels to Sherman Oaks, Long Beach Airport, Santa Monica, Dodger Stadium and USC.


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