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When a dog destroyed this toy cactus, another sad cactus was revealed inside.

One way that manufacturers hide Easter eggs is by way of “anticipated destruction.”

“Industrial designers understand that over the course of any product’s lifecycle, there’s going to be some wear and tear,” said Steven Schwartz. “Knowing this, they allow that wear and tear to slowly, or maybe suddenly, reveal the Easter egg.”

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This lady’s yogurt lid just wanted to say “Hi.”

The organic food movement is characterized by a few simple aesthetic principals. Everything about the packaging and product should ideally seem clean, friendly, and most importantly hand-made.

“That quirky friendliness is instrumental to selling organic or health-conscious products,” said Schwartz. “It’s all about appearing the opposite of large-scale manufacturing. There should be the quaint feeling of a personal touch. And this yogurt packaging achieves this beautifully.”

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While looking up medication dosages, this medical student found directions for roasting potatoes!

Sometimes the best Easter egg is just something that’s a little out of place. Take, for instance, this recipe for perfectly roasting potatoes. Although in and of itself, this recipe isn’t funny or even anything out of the ordinary, but it’s very presence in a medical text is absurd.

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