A policeman who emitted a loud screeching sound after his dog uncovered a surprise in South Africa has become an internet sensation!

Footage of the spectacle has been uploaded to YouTube after the man’s colleagues apparently filmed the incident, and it has now been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

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The 39-second clip shows a South African policeman releasing his dog on the edge of a wooded area after the German Shepherd clearly detected something with his awesome nose.
But just how powerful is a dog’s sense of smell?
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Well, let’s say you have a gram of human sweat. Surprisingly, humans are quite good at smelling this particular odor. If you were to let it evaporate in the space of a ten-story building, many of us would still be able to detect the faint scent upon entering. That’s not bad… for a human nose!
However, if you put the 135-square-mile city of Philadelphia under a 300-foot-high enclosure and evaporated the gram of sweat, the average dog would still be able to detect the smell. That’s pretty darn impressive!
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Okay, now on with the story…