With a smartphone in everyone’s hands these days, we’ve literally become a massive army of amateur photographers, meticulously documenting everything around us.

Every once in awhile, one of us will snap a photo at just the perfect moment to send a chill racing down the rest of our spines.

These haunting photos might depict the moment before disaster strikes, or in other cases, they capture something truly bizarre. But just try to get through these 35 photos without getting sweaty palms and a lump in your throat.

We dare you!

Uh-Oh… The Cargo’s Goin’ Overboard!

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This cargo ship came so unbelievably close to capsizing.

Believe it or not, it actually didn’t end up toppling over. Thanks to the expert piloting of the captain and crew, the cargo ship was stabilized and continued on it’s journey.

No one was hurt, but it did make for some insane photos. Can you believe that only four of the enormous shipping containers ended up in the water?