Over the past several years the NBA has turned into quite possibly the biggest sport in america, with more stars in the league than any other.  With all of this new star-power, the pretty, and not so pretty, women are sure to not be far behind.  We are here to keep you up to date with all of the off-court drama, and bring you the hottest (and strangest) wives and girlfriends of the NBA superstars.


Cody Horn (Kevin Love)

Cody Horn is a smoking hot actress and model who has appeared in blockbusters like ‘Magic Mike’ and TV’s ‘ The Office.’  Kevin Love rised to fame in his college days at UCLA, and now plays alongside Lebron James om the Cleveland Cavaliers, winning the 2016 NBA Championship.  Nice pickup, Kev!


Elaine Alden (Landry Fields)

Landry Fields isn’t exactly what you would call a superstar, as he has bounced around so many teams, we can’t even keep track of them anymore.  However, he pulled a superstar smoke.  Alden is a model that has appeared in shoots for ‘Maxim’ and ‘GQ.’