Jennifer Aniston

Before Friends, Jennifer Aniston was actually offered a job on Saturday Night Live, but wound up turning the Lorne Michaels gig down to play Rachel Green, the spoiled yet lovable waitress with iconic hair.

Out of all of the Friends cast members, Aniston was the biggest tabloid target during the show’s run due to her five-year marriage to Brad Pitt.

Aniston also made waves, or you could say layers actually, with “the Rachel,” a hairstyle that swept across the salons of America. Aniston would later call the doo “a disaster” because “it wouldn’t die.”

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Not only has the Golden Globe winner earned major comedic kudos in memorable films such as Horrible Bosses and taken dramatic turns in indies like Cake, but after divorcing Brad Pitt, found love again with Justin Theroux in 2015. Unfortunately for the couple, they divorced in 2018.

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The TV star also had some serious silver screen success in rom-com films like Bruce AlmightyThe Break-UpMarley & Me, and We’re the Millers. She also tapped into the sweet smell of success with two of her own celebrity fragrances launched in 2011 and 2014.

Aniston will also be returning to TV in the near future with her on-screen sister, played by Reese Witherspoon, in “an untitled series exploring morning shows and the larger New York media scene that they inhabit.”

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Next up is David Schwimmer, AKA Mr. Ross Geller…