It looks like something out of a sci-fi horror movie.

A glowing green alien life form closes in on its prey and shoots out green blasts of energy at its victim. The alien closes in and infects his adversary with a virus that he/she will spread to others.

The incident detailed above occurred and was recorded by pathologists at the Institut Cochin in Paris who were studying the actual method and playing out of an HIV viral cell attacking a healthy cell in the human body.

In the video, the HIV virus is injected with a green fluorescent protein to make it easier to track. The viral cell is than implanted into a lab-created genital tract lined with real epitheal cells, writes  Live Science.

Medical Daily


In the beginning of the video, the HIV virus targets a T cell and moves in for the kill. It surrounds and infects the T cell. After this the infected T cell moves in on an epitheal cell. As the infected T cell draws closer to the epitheal cell it unleashes a quick barrage of infectious material at it before surrounding it and consuming the once-healthy cell.


“We had this global idea of how HIV infects this tissue [of the genital tract]; but following something live is completely different,” Morgane Bomsel, a molecular biologist at the  and a senior author of the study, said in a statement. “The precise sequence of events can be defined.”

In a real human body, the HIV virus would go into a ‘dormant stage’ within corrupted macrophages about twenty days after first being introduced into the body. This hibernating phase creates a tricky problem for medical officials trying to combat the virus, because the macrophage acts like a protective womb for the virus.

The Institut Cochin video may help researchers better understand the progression of the virus in the body in order to more effectively eliminate or reduce the lethality of the sexually transmitted virus.


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