Travelling is on many of our bucket lists. Whether you want to travel the globe or go cross-country, jumping on a plane is a convenient and relatively fast way to get anywhere you want to go.

Navigating an airport may seem like a hike in itself. There are endless terminals and countless security measures — but even more astounding are the different people you get to see.

The hectic, busy atmosphere of most airports sometimes has travelers acting rather silly. These hilarious airport fails will have you scratching your head — you won’t be able to get through them without cracking up!


Travelling Gets The Best Of Us


Whether it is the long lines, looming delays, or the hurried masses — spending time at an airport is enough to have anyone dying for a nap. This woman represents all of us while traveling. She has simply had enough, and we can’t blame her. That luggage definitely came in handy for an impromptu snooze.