Everyone likes to party now and then to let off some steam and get crazy with friends. What you have to remember when you’re partying, however, is how you’re planning to get home the next day! Not everyone knows exactly where they’ll end up the night of a party, and the next day, they’re forced to do the Walk of Shame.

From the heels they’re still wearing to the messy hair, you can tell these ladies got down with their bad selves last night, and who knows what kind of trouble they got into.

You’ve probably seen people make the Walk of Shame IRL once or twice, but these examples are easily the worst, most embarrassing we’ve ever seen!


Where Is She Going?

Ebaum’s World

Some might look at this photograph and think that she’s just a girl showing off some leg while wearing an oversized sweatshirt. We can still see the look of disappointment on her face and some smudged makeup, however, so she’s not fooling anyone. There are some more obvious walk of shamers on the list still.