The Earth appears to be going through some growing pains. In the news recently was the report of the massive fissure that appeared overnight in Kenya on March 18 and has been labeled the ‘Grand Kenyan’.

At more than fifty feet deep and 65 feet wide, the fissure rungs for hundreds of yards and scientists believe it is a sign that the Dark Continent is succumbing to tectonic forces that are ripping the eastern half of the land mass apart.

Now a massive sinkhole has appeared in New Zealand that has left witnesses and vulcanologists amazed.
Like the Grand Kenyan, the New Zealand rift appeared overnight on a farm in the rural town Rotura, plummeting to depths of sixty feet and measuring 200 yards wide.


The Daily Mail writes that vulcanologist “Brad Scott said recent heavy rain was likely to have opened up the underground cavity at Earthquake Flat, 15km from the North Island tourist city known for its hot springs.”

“The cavity would have been present from all the rainfall events over the last 40, 50, 100 years,” he told the ABC following an inspection of the fissure.
“The high-intensity rainfall that we experienced on the weekend just accelerates the process. The largest I’ve seen prior to this would be about a third of the size of this, so this is really big.”

Daily Mail

The owner of the farmland, Colin Tremain, told reporters that he would be erecting a fence along the giant crack to prevent his cows from falling in, saying:

“We’ll keep it fenced off as it is to keep stock out, although stock aren’t stupid, they’re not going to walk into a hole, they can spot danger.”

The rift was spotted early on the morning of May 4 by one of Tremain’s farmhands. The owner waited until the sun came up before taking a look for himself.

‘It wasn’t until I came down in daylight that I actually saw just how big it was,’ he told Newshub television.

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