TV reporters live glamorous lives and we’ve all envied them, just a little, when we’ve seen them reporting from a star-studded event and enjoying the limelight.

What many of us haven’t considered is that live-reporting his its dark side too. Live means that you can’t redo a take or reshoot a scene. If things go wrong, the whole world is going to know it.

That’s what happens in these 20 hilarious live TV moments. Something doesn’t go quite according to plan. Don’t worry, nobody got fired, but we imagine a few people were teased all the same. Enjoy.


Gate Crashers Of The Boston Bombing


This Fox News reporter has his hands full, literally, as two ladies rush on screen in what appears to be an attempt to kiss him without his consent. Certainly, there are worse problems to have at work, but most of them don’t take place live on TV, do they?


Lady Loses Her Footing On Air


Here we have one of those nice talking heads shots where a serious-looking reporter addresses the camera to describe an issue of the day. Behind him, however, is a lady who hasn’t read the script and she is calmly walking by until she pitches head over feet to the floor.


Epic Photo Bomber Goes All Out For TV


This has to be one of the risks of reporting from sporting events. People have had a few drinks and are more likely to try and interrupt the flow of the events just to get on TV. We like the photo bomber here because he comes back for a 2nd, even funnier appearance.


Quirky Facial Expression On PBS


Sometimes it’s not the rest of the world that’s messing with the feed, it’s the person on camera themselves. This chap, appearing on PBS, probably had no idea that his erratic eye movements would look so completely ridiculous by the time they appeared in our living rooms. Poor guy.


The President Gets In On The Act


If there’s one thing we can all agree on about the current Commander-in-Chief, it’s that he knows how to pull off an unusual expression. Here we see years of practice from being on The Apprentice pay off with a classic “silly face” designed to distract people from what’s really going on.


Paul Ryan Goes Into Crazy Mode


We could debate Paul Ryan’s job performance all day, but we’re not going to because it won’t change anyone’s mind. We will say, however, that he appears to have learned about the Animated GIF and then thrown himself into a performance begging for one on CNN. Good work.


When An NFL Star Gate Crashes The White House


This was the moment when Sean Spicer was upstaged during his own press conference at the White House. Nobody cares about the President’s feelings regarding the “Iran review” when Rob Gronkowski’s on stage making his feelings clear about other matters. Poor Sean looks baffled. So no change there.


When You Know That You’ve Done Wrong


We turn to Chinese television to bring you this wonderful moment when a stern-looking man faces down the camera only to be accidentally upstaged by a young woman. We particularly like the look of horror when she realizes followed by the rapid retreat. We hope she didn’t get fired for this.


One Man And His Tongue


Can we get a round of applause for the guy at the back who appears to be sticking his tongue out as he waits for President Trump? This may actually be the best reason to shave a beard ever seen on TV. Things get stuck in it and when it gets uncomfortable, you do this and everyone thinks you’re a clown.



The Surprise Of Her Life

Facts Empire

We’re not sure what, exactly, was going on for this reporter, but whatever it was, it was clearly a huge surprise to find herself back on camera. Maybe she didn’t get the message that the commercial break was over? It’s a wonderful expression of her surprise though.


Melania Trump’s Disappearing Smile

US Magazine

We don’t think that it’s appropriate for us to comment on the relationship between the First Lady and President Trump. So, we’re going to let this GIF do the talking and let you draw your own conclusions. It is amazing how quickly a smile can disappear though, right?


Where Did The Ball Go?

Saturday Down South

When you’re involved in professional sports, you’re going to want to keep an eye on the game no matter what. So, you have to admire the dedication that goes on here – all the time wondering, “If he knew that this GIF would exist, would he have done the same thing?”


Bouncing Out Of The Window


This serious-looking news reporter is simply upstaged by the world around him. The missing 6-year old is sadly forgotten the moment that the scene is photobombed, literally. A guy comes hurtling out of a window and lands badly, hitting the ground and looking very sorry that he has. Ouch.

Walking Into Walls

Izi Smile

We know that the world can be confusing today and that we all often find ourselves looking down at a screen and ignoring the people around us, but what’s this guy’s excuse? He just walks straight into this wall, like it’s an everyday thing for him. Maybe it is.

Little Girl Goes To Town In Mary’s Slot


There’s Mary Ann Ahern reporting on the “Rally and Register,” whatever that was (have you ever noticed how yesterday’s news is all so irrelevant?) and in the background is her newest fan. A little girl who is determined to be on TV and wants to make sure that she’s busting a move when she does.

Maybe It’s Cold There?


This is rough justice for a would-be photo bomber. Running on screen might seem like a good idea, but not when it’s below zero and the street is covered in ice. Then you get to learn why it’s not a good idea while millions laugh at the lesson.

The Mascot That Muscles In On The Action

Ebaums World

It’s a hard world for women and they often struggle to be taken seriously in what were traditionally male roles such as sports reporting. Despite the great strides that women’s rights have made in thi areas, there’s always somebody looking to muscle in on the action. Like this mascot.