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A schoolgirl on holiday with her parents has taken “the best picture of the Loch Ness Monster in years” after snapping the mythical creature with her iPhone.

Charlotte Robinson from Leeds, who was staying at Loch Ness Highland Lodges, was stunned when “Nessie” popped up just off the shoreline.

“There was something in the water about 50 feet from the shore. I took a photo. It had a neck and head in the shape of a hook,” said Charlotte. “I just took what I saw. It was black. I just don’t know how far it was out of the water. I’m not good at judging distances.”

Miss Robinson was on holiday with her mother Kat, 41, a business data analyst, and father Dave, 52, a factory worker.

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Ironically, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson had stayed at the same vacation spot some 16 years prior, but had not been back since that time.

“We never saw anything like that before,” said Kat Robinson. “I don’t know that I even believed in things like this before Charlotte took the picture.”

It was at around seven in the evening when the junior high school student saw the creature and captured it on her smartphone.

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“Charlotte told me that she had taken a photo of a creature in the loch and I said ‘right, sure you have,” said Mrs. Robinson. “I really just thought she was pulling my leg.”

For weeks, Charlotte went on about seeing the Loch Ness Monster.

“But when I saw the picture, I couldn’t believe it. Something’s there. With all the sightings over the years, there must be something in the loch,” added Mrs. Robinson.

And Charlotte’s mother was right…