Although the human body is incredibly resilient in terms of what it can endure, most people aren’t very flexible. Mastering the art of contortion takes a lot of training and good, rubbery genes.  Many factors are taken into account when establishing personal flexibility: joint structure, ligaments, tendons, muscles, skin, tissue injury, fat (or adipose) tissue, body temperature, activity level, age and sex all influence an individual’s range of motion about a joint. The following people all scored perfectly in each of these departments…

Today, we’re looking at a list of some of those best female contortionists, and we seriously cannot imagine how much goes into this.

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A lot of hard work and dedication goes into practicing body contortion, but some of the people who have achieved recognition as the best performers alive were also born with a natural talent.

Here are 20 insane pictures of the most flexible girls in the world.