The wonderful world of Disney is filled with enchanting characters, oodles of pixie dust, and more than a magic lamp full of secrets.

But in order to keep the magical realm safe and secure, there are certain things that Disney park employees have to keep quiet about.

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“There’s a confidentiality clause in the employment contracts,” said one former Disney World employee. “It’s not legally binding like a non-disclosure agreement, but it gives them cause to terminate you if you violate any of the terms.”

From special code words to the Disney jail, ex-employees say that like Las Vegas, what happens at Disney World stays at Disney World.

“There’s a culture of silence around the inner-workings of the park,” added the ex-employee. “Most cast members take it as a matter of pride. They don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. Or, maybe it’s better to say, they don’t want to let the genie out of the lamp.”

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If you think you’re ready to take a gander at Walt’s best kept secrets, then continue reading on. We’ve scoured the Reddit universe, poured over endless blogs, and plundered the Facebook pages of former park staffers to get all the good Disney dirt.

But if you don’t want some of the magic of Disney ruined for you, this is a good place to stop reading. You can’t turn a pickle back into a cucumber, as they say.

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You might never be able to see Disneyland or Walt Disney World in the same way again! And so, without further ado, we give you the very best of our bizarre Disney secrets…