“Of course we’ve thought about this long and hard,” said Abby Hensel. “We’ve prayed about it and we’re confident that this is the right decision for us.” Her sister Brittany added, “You only live once and we just feel like it’s time.”

Sisters Abby and Brittany Hensel are conjoined twins that have been defying expectations since the day they made their debut into this world. When they were born, they made international headlines for being one of the very few conjoined twins to survive the pregnancy and delivery processes.

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In the medical literature, Abby and Brittany are known as dicephalic parapagus twins. In layman’s terms, this means that the girls each have a head, but their bodies are “unified.”

Out of the already minuscule number of conjoined twins in the world, only eleven percent are dicephalic parapagus twins like the Hensels.

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The girls have two stomachs, two hearts, and four lungs. Because their lower trunk is shared, they only have one reproductive system.