Politicians are required by the general population to behave their best. Most of them are known to spend fortunes working on their public image. However, as expected there are always those awkward instances captured on camera which they wish never happened, and you never see. Here is a collection of 20 pictures politicians cannot let you know. They include awkward handshakes, checking out each other’s anatomy and awkward hugs and kisses.

1.  Hillary Loves Boobs!!


A witty quote on women boobs goes like, “If Hillary can remember the color of your eyes after your first meeting, then you certainly have tiny or no boobs.” How true! Or should we assume the former secretary of state was merely checking out Christina Aguilera’s outfit? I doubt it.

2.  Hilary’s Perfect Replacement


It is apparent that while Hillary remained busy signing deals with Iran, and with Monica Lewinsky gone; another player came on board. This picture shows Clinton’s family dog offering a hilarious treat, no pun intended, to the former US President Bill Clinton, and Hillary seemed thrilled to find out her new competition. But this was no the last time a US president received such a welcome. See next.

3.  A Turkey’s Thanksgiving Peck


It is said that this day, Bush had chosen not to make dinner out of this turkey for Thanksgiving. In return, he got a peck of gratitude where he could least forget, down there. Though Bush seems oblivious to it, the others are enjoying it.

4.  Nature Gives Way

The timely picture taken on February 10th 2014 shows the longest serving President in the world, Robert Mugabe stumbles and fall from the stairs on a red a carpet. All saw this as nature’s hint that he was too old to walk, leave alone lead a country. But being Mugabe, he only takes warnings from people who have been President for over 30 years.

5.  Drop the Heels, Helle!

Helle Thorning had to learn tragically that heels are the thorn in her outfit. The picture captured the Danish Prime Minister falling after stumbling down the stairs of the Elysee Palace. However, unlike Mugabe, someone is reaching out to help. We hope next time she puts on those high things she will choose the ramp.

6.  Sir, Let’s Get Cozy

During a visit to Ivory Coast, the Nicolas Sarkozy received an unusual invitation to tango from a naturally gifted and courageous lady. In spite of the awkwardness in everyone else’s face, the host President Alassane Ouattara was without a doubt having a good time.

7.  An Embarrassing Ear-Peck

In this 2014 picture, Barrack Obama seems to be blowing warm air into Aung San Suu Kyi’s ears. The truth is the former president was trying to kiss her cheeks but got the ears. Well, Mitchel got the message Barrack is not used to other women’s anatomy.

8.  The People First, Mr. President.

From this picture, it seems Abdul-Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani is more concerned about the public waves rather than honoring Barrack’s courtesy greeting. Hope he apologized in kind for embarrassing the US President. Nevertheless, Obama suffered more from hanging handshakes than any American President before him.

9.  I Cannot Trust That Handshake!!

During the 2015 UN General Assembly in New York, Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed to be judging the sincerity of Obama’s not-so-friendly handshake. He let the hand hang long enough to be noticed.

10.  It is a Party, Not a Funeral, Sir!

Well for starters, David Miliband is not in a memorial service. The Labor Party member was participating in Labor Party’s Diversity party, what a mouthful! From the picture, it seems the honorable politician is simbosiophobic. Check that out before reading the next phobia photo.

11.  Tyrannophobic or Brainwashed?

Only in North Korea do children cry at the thought of a photo session with the President. They either have a phobia for oppressors or are brainwashed. It is apparently the former.

12.  “Bill, Really?

Bill Clinton got this mean look during his famous “it was not an intimate relationship” comment on Monica Lewinsky scandal. That look on Hillary’s face seems to ask, “Really Bill, what difference does it make?”

13.  Hey Guys, Lighten Up!

First, this picture was taken during a 2014 Christmas basketball game in Honolulu. So why is Barrack glued to his phone and Michelle lost in thought? So it is true that some problems husband and wives have, even political power cannot solve.

14.  A Touching Gesture of Support


In 2015, the embattled French President received an awkward gesture of support from the then US secretary of state John Kerry. It was without a doubt a touching gesture, don’t you think so?

15.  Ouch! The Deceit of Flowers

In this embarrassing picture, the Oleh Barna grabs the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk by the crotch in an attempt to remove him from the tribune. Before this, he had given the bouquet of roses to the Prime minister. A gift of flowers is new betrayal kiss in Kiev.

16.  Shortchanging Each Other

Politicians have a great way of expressing their unity. However, this looks more like a secret sign of who shortchanges who with who. No qualms since they all seem to be okay with it.

17.  Don’t Touch!


This 2010 picture makes the Chinese Vice Premier, Wang Qishan and former US Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner look like cheeky teenagers. The truth is that it is Hillary who had a motive, she smilingly walked through the handshake.

18.  Sleeping on Duty or Meditating

In 2010, Finance Minister of Japan Naoto Kan was captured sleeping next to Yukio Hatoyama, the Prime Minister, during an Upper House Budget Committee.  He woke up from his slumber and opposed core ideas proposed in the meeting. So who knows, maybe he was meditating. Yeah, these guys have numerous ways of mediating, some we might never know.

19.  Dude, Take a Sip

Despite the glass of water next to him, the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown could not hide his boredom. Or was he just tired? What do you expect when you have to manually write down speeches given in a naturally draining session on peace and security in Africa? I guess both.

However, British Prime Ministers have always shown signs of being overworked.

20.  Tony Blair Deserved a Break

This picture of tired Tony Blair was taken before the G8 summit of 2007 at the Baltic resort of Heiligendamm. What makes it embarrassing is that it reveals more details about Tony Blair’s dental formula than you need to know. Look again

James F