Cancer is a disease that comes with very few visible symptoms. It is always good to have it detected early before it spreads to others parts of the body. It is curable if diagnosed in its initial stages. There are cancer symptoms that you should not ignore, and that means you see need your doctor for immediate cancer screening. It will help you start treatment on time or even prevent the disease.

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Frequent Fevers

Fever occurs when cancer has affected your immune system and you keep getting infections. It is a sign of leukemia or lymphoma, which begins in the marrow. Leukemia causes production of abnormal blood cells that sap the capabilities of your body to fight infections. Early detection will help combat the disease.

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Extreme fatigue that will not go away even after a good rest is symptom that your body needs cancer screening. It is a sign of many cancers including colon cancers, leukemia and stomach cancer. You should not ignore general weakness and fatigue that does not respond after long hours of good sleep.